ROTTCO SYNERGY is a new nationwide integrated refueling service for fleet managers, offering similar quality fuels and services as any other major Romanian fuel network.

ROTTCO SYNERGY gives the managers the possibility to refuel their fleets across Romania as well as the on-line analytical instruments to check performances, consumption, costs, etc.

ROTTCO SYNERGY cards offer the fleet managers, at no additional costs, to have full control over each and every card credit limit at any moment: credit limit; volume of refuel; refuel limitations; car/driver analytics.

ROTTCO SYNERGY portal offers, at no extra cost the following:

– define and administrate each and every user from a department/fleet/cost center;

– define and give authorization roles: manager, accountant, partner-manager, partner-accountant, card partner manager

– generate transaction reports on drivers, cars according to credentials

– visualization, downloading invoices according to credentials

– manage balance and credit limit for each department/fleet/cost center

– manage debit/credit balance for each department/fleet/cost center

– block/unblock access for card/car/driver/fleet/department/cost center

– SMSs with the cost for each refueling as well as the balance after each operation per car or driver

– limit number of refueling for a defined period of time