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ROTCCO has been set up in 2007 as a wholesale fuel and other petrol-based trader. Based on the know-how gained on the highly dynamic fuel distribution market, the company managed to take advantage of the Romanian economic growth and thus developing an efficient distribution network across the country.

ROTTCO operated exclusively in Romania and has its headquarters in Bucharest. The company has a solid and well-structured network of clients and business partners throughout Romania.
In just a decade, ROTTCO managed to secure its place among the top 10 companies that operate on the highly competitive and dynamic fuel and petrol-based wholesale and retail distribution market. The company relentlessly follows its development strategy based on honesty, competence and innovation.

ROTTCO’s team members have a deep understanding of the wholesale fuel distribution market and the clients’ needs and requirements that shape it. Each member of the ROTTCO team has more than 12 years of sales and operational experience in multinational oil companies as well as specific business development expertise. In addition, ROTTCO’s team benefits from the specialized support of IT, financial, legal and communication experts.

ROTTCO’s operational structure is similar to any other major wholesale fuel trader: a strong sales division with representatives throughout Romania; risk management division; back office; sales and bought ledgers, etc.

ROTTCO’s suppliers and business partners are major companies that deliver on time top quality products at competitive prices, have most innovative working procedures and abide by the highest environment standards.

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Ziarul Financiar – English
paul-pop-rottcoPaul Pop, former commercial manager at Rompetrol Downstream, sold EUR150 million worth of gasoline and diesel oil last year through his company Rottco Consult, an independent distributor oil products.
[read more on www.zf.ro]


ROTCCO’s services and products help Romania’s economic development and growth. Every gallon of petrol or gasoline that we deliver is the blood that sets in motion hundreds of small and medium-size local businesses all over Romania. The heating fuel that we distribute allows children to go to school and hospitals to operate, while some roads connecting major cities or small villages are travel-worthy due to the bitums provided by ROTTTCO. Leaving the profit aside – the duties and taxes we pay to the state’s coffers – it is vital for us to know that our effort has somehow contributed to the well-being of local communities and thus we improved the living conditions and the comfort of hundreds of thousands of Romanians.


The values that we believe in and abide by are simple and common to all true business people:
– Honesty
– Respect for clients and suppliers alike
– Respect for local communities and the environment